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4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher moot Poole in October 2003, 4chan hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Registration is not possible, and the site's users generally post anonymously; threads receiving recent replies are bumped. 8kun, bis November 2019 8chan, auch Infinitechan oder Infinitychan (teilweise Eigenschreibweise ∞chan) genannt, ist ein Imageboard.Es setzt sich aus von Nutzern erstellten Foren zu verschiedenen Themen zusammen.. Insbesondere die Nutzer des Forums politically incorrect (/pol/) können nach einer Recherche von bellingcat.com als rechtsradikal eingestuft werden 4chan wurde im Oktober 2003 unter der Domain 4chan.net von Christopher Poole (* 1988) gegründet. Poole war ein regelmäßiger Nutzer des Internetforums Something Awful, vor allem des Subforums für Anime, Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse, kurz ADTRW und des IRC‐Kanals Raspberry Heaven. Er konzipierte die Seite ursprünglich als ein reines Anime‐Forum für diese beiden Communities.

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  1. g a disfigured psychopathic killer, either because of a bad childhood, an accident, bullying, an experiment gone wrong, or just a supernatural menace
  2. Video distributor Netflix has removed a US promo poster for the French film Mignonnes (Cuties) featuring children in skimpy outfits and suggestive poses, after an outcry on social media, and a ban by notoriously perverted 4chan. The subscription service said in a statement on Thursday that it.
  3. algeschichte seit 1943. Der 29-jährige Täter griff gezielt islamische Zentren der Stadt an und berief.

Beim Doppelmord in Herne 2017 wurden am 6. und 7. März 2017 ein neunjähriger Junge und ein 22-jähriger Mann aus Herne ermordet.Die Suche nach dem Täter fand bundesweites Interesse in der Öffentlichkeit und darüber wurde international auch außerhalb des deutschsprachigen Raumes berichtet Jeff the Killer An image of Jeff the Killer However, in 2018, after extensive research on 4chan's /x/ board, this rumor was debunked; the original image came from Japanese website pya.cc from September and November 2005. [citation needed] The image of Katy Robinson was also found to be a hoax; it was taken from a girl on the Christian website TrueChristian.com. [citation needed] Ted The. Stephen Craig Paddock (April 9, 1953 - October 1, 2017) was an American mass murderer who is known for being the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, in which he opened fire into a crowd of approximately 22,000 concertgoers attending a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. The incident is the deadliest mass shooting by a lone shooter in United States history, with 60. Since 2015, Hyde has been frequently misreported as the perpetrator of numerous mass shootings and terrorist attacks by Internet trolls on websites such as 4chan and Twitter. [11] [15] The hoaxes, which typically included photos of Hyde brandishing a semi-automatic weapon, reappeared so often on social media that The New York Times characterized Sam Hyde is the shooter as an identifiable.

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Anon ist ein britischer Science-Fiction-Thriller aus dem Jahr 2018 von Andrew Niccol mit Clive Owen und Amanda Seyfried.In einer futuristischen Welt, in der Privatsphäre und Anonymität nicht mehr existieren, stößt der polizeiliche Ermittler Sal Frieland auf eine mysteriöse junge Frau, die sich dem digitalen Überwachungssystem der Gesellschaft entzogen hat Bianca Michelle Devins (October 2, 2001 - July 14, 2019) was a teen from Utica, New York who was stabbed to death on July 14, 2019, after attending a Nicole Dollanganger concert. The case gained international interest as images of Devins' mutilated corpse were shared on the Internet.. Initial reports focused on depictions of Devins as a social media star; though later details suggested media. A video of Hanzha was also shown, with his face bruised after an alleged beating by the police. Michele Canale attempted to obtain an interview with the killers in prison, but was denied by the Ukrainian authorities. A range of motives for the killings was examined, and it was concluded that despite the court verdict, there are still unanswered questions about the case /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) is a political discussion board on 4chan.The board's intended purpose is the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. A quantitative analysis found that /pol/ is an important influencer of news content on Twitter, with the board contributing 3% of mainstream news links and 1.96% of alternative news links on Twitter (as a. A video of a 12-year-old girl's suicide which she recorded live on her mobile phone has been viewed by millions of people online, prompting calls for action to remove the footage. As viewers.

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The problem is a 4chan plot leak (if credible) alleged Black Adam awakens his first wife Shiruta who was slain in ancient times. Ibac could be responsible and only in the portion of the script set in the past, reportedly encompassing the first act, but he didn't figure much into the story 4chan Harassment. On 17 August 2015, a user on internet forum 4chan posted a link to the music video to /mu/, 4chan's music board. Hundreds of comments followed, many of which were sexually explicit remarks and such sexist slurs as slut, whore, and bitch directed toward Mayberry. Other comments called Mayberry a hypocrite for her solo. David Kalac (born 1983), American convicted killer known for killing his girlfriend then posting pictures on 4chan; David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell; 1959-1993), American cult leader best known for 1993 Waco siege; David Michael Krueger (born Peter Woodcock; 1939-2010), Canadian serial killer, rapist, and necrophile; David Ray Parker (1939-2002), American kidnapper, torturer, rapist, an Emily Irene Sander (February 26, 1989 - November 24, 2007) was an 18-year-old student at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, United States, who was reported missing on November 23, 2007 and found dead six days later. Her disappearance was widely covered in the mainstream news media. Israel Mireles was named as a suspect; he was arrested in Mexico and in February 2010 found guilty. Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a 2019 true crime documentary series about an online manhunt. It is directed by Mark Lewis and was released on Netflix on December 18, 2019. The series chronicles events following a crowd-sourced amateur investigation into a series of animal cruelty acts committed by Canadian Luka Magnotta, culminating in his murder of Chinese international.

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11B-X-1371 is an early-2015 viral video sent to GadgetZZ.com, the Swedish tech blog that publicized it. The black-and-white segment is two minutes in length; its title came from the plaintext of a base64 string written on the DVD.It depicts a person wearing what appears to be a plague doctor costume walking and standing around in a dilapidated abandoned building, with a forest visible through. Armin Meiwes (German: ; born 1 December 1961) is a German former computer repair technician who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim in 2001, whom he had found via the Internet. After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim's severed penis, Meiwes killed his victim and proceeded to eat a large amount of his flesh On May 25, 2012, an 11-minute video titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was uploaded to Bestgore.com, depicting a naked male tied to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a kitchen knife, then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia. The perpetrator uses a knife and fork to cut off some of the flesh and gets a dog to chew on the body. During the video, the 1987 New Order song.

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  1. A viral video is a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites such as YouTube as well as social media and email.. Viral videos may be serious, and some are deeply emotional, but many more are centered on entertainment and humorous content. They may include televised comedy sketches, such as The Lonely Island ' s Lazy Sunday.
  2. TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Sorry for the painful video but it's real. That man later died. At one point, the 17-year-old who has now been charged tried to run from the mob. He tripped and fell in the.
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