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Taiwanese Trademark Registration ® Search & Register your Bran But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Trademarks On eBay. Looking For Trademarks? We Have Almost Everything On eBay

Office Hours: 8:30~12:30, 13:30~17:30 Add : 185 Hsinhai Rd., Sec. 2, 3F; Taipei 106213, Taiwan, R.O.C The site has been optimized for monitors with over 1024x768 resolution, with window maximized Tel : +886-(02)-2738-0007 Fax : +886-(02)-2377-987 Trademark Search (by applicant, case number) Boolean. Non-Traditional TradeMarks . Documents × HELP. Hello 你好! Close × Tittle. Content 關閉 × Special Characters. Enter and close the window. Trademark Search (by text) Application/Priority Date. to *Text. Expand Make sure the expanded list that system automatically identify and spilt the entered search term into 4 types of sub. Trademark Search International Affairs and Planning Division 2019-06-27 Total 2 list items ,in 1/1 pages. , Displaying 20 40 60 items/page Taiwan Trademark Search & Study Available online, you can request a free trademark search online on our website or here: Trademark Database which contains registered and filed trademarks in Taiwan. The database is frequently updated and you can rely on the information you get from the website

Trademark registration services in Taiwan. Our attorneys will file and process your trademark application with Taiwanese Trademark Office. The process starts with a Trademark Search Report and ends once you have your received your Registration Certificate The Trademark search database is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

Taiwan trademark search

Search the Global Brand Database before filing a trademark application, or to simply browse marks in markets that interest you. Access the Global Brand Database Disclaimer - Although the Global Brand Database covers a number of large trademark collections, it may be prudent to also search the registers of national/regional intellectual property offices 因應網際網路快速發展時可能發生的網域名稱爭議,財團法人台灣網路資訊中心(Taiwan Network Information Center , TWNIC)早於民國90年就制訂「財團法人台灣網路資訊中心網域名稱爭議處理辦法暨實施要點(TWDRP)」,選定具處理網域名稱爭議資格的專家,組成「專家小組」 109-09-09 109年智慧財產權知識. Free global trademark search by text or image. Perform a trademark search by text or image in brand data from multiple national and international sources, including trademarks, appellations of origin and official emblems

When searching in DPMA register, please note that you can find trade marks with elements matching those of your intended trade mark, but it is not possible to conduct a similarity search. However, an opposition against the registration of your trade mark may also be filed on the basis of a similar trade mark. Various commercial search providers offer complex similarity searches Examination, publication and opposition to a trademark application in Taiwan; The application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness (absolute grounds) and a search for prior trademarks. In case of positive results of examination, the trademark will be registered and published in the Trademark Gazette. It is the result of collecting and organizing more than 770,000 trademark applications over the ten-year span, and the complicated data is converted into easily-understood graphs and charts by employing data visualization and data-driven strategy.At the same time, the report compares the latest WIPI 2019 Report with the data of Taiwan's residents' applications to reveal the similarities. Free trademark search tool in Thailand. If your trademark is available, our Thai attorneys will file and process your trademark registration in Thailand

一般:109/03/20 前申請已領案 快軌:109/05/20 前申請已領案 Language: 資料更新時間:2020-08-26 × Search trademarks. Register a trademark. As an entrepreneur you invest time, energy and money in your company. You build up a good name, creating economic value. This value lies in the trade name of your company, the name of your product or service or in the logo. Maybe all three. You don't want a third party piggy-backing on your efforts. It therefore makes sense to protect your trade name.

Taiwan Trademark Registration Costs and Registration Procedures. The legal basis of Taiwan trademark is Trademark Act 2016. Taiwan is not a member of the Paris Convention and cannot establish a system of priority claiming under the Paris Convention. However, when amending the Trademark Act, Taiwan adopts priority provisions and recognise convention priority of the member countries (except. MUSA Trademark is Taiwan's premier trademark agent. We can help you apply for, manage or contest trademarks in Taiwan and around the world. Facebook; About MUSA; Services. Trademark Registration ; Trademark Strategy; Trademark Search; Trademark Development; Trademark Report; Trademark Watch; Downloads; Case Studies; Blog; Contact MUSA; Select Page. Taiwan Trademark Agent. Your partner for. offers searchable online China trademark database and related services including registrations and dispute resolutio Search. Home; IP Services; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Trademark Database Portal. National and regional intellectual property offices have created a number of on-line trademark databases and have made them accessible to the public through their websites. WIPO has facilitated the access to these databases with a view to the prevention of domain name disputes. The goal is to allow any person. TIPO's free database Taiwan Patent Search (TWPAT) includes an English machine-translation function. In addition, full-text data of Taiwanese patents and utility models can be retrieved via the TIPO's Chinese-language database and then translated using a free machine-translation tool. A step-by-step guide on how to retrieve this data is available on our website. Searching in databases.

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Trademark Office: Address: 1 Chama Nanjie, Xichengqu 100055 Beijing Telephone (86 10) 63 21 95 91: Telefax (86 10) 68 03 78 22: E-mail address: tonglei_1@cnipa.gov.cn: Title and name of head: Director General: Mr. Cui Shoudon E-Search (coming soon) Patents. A patent is grant of exclusive rights for an invention to make, use and sell the invention for a limited period of 20 years. The patent grant excludes others from making, using, or selling the invention. Patent protection does not start until the actual grant of a patent. A patent owner has the right to decide who may or may not use the patented invention for. The trademark search is a risk control action before filing the mark. The result of the search should only be regarded as a reference for whether the trademark can be successfully registered or not, but not the legal basis. The trademark search that processed by CTPLO is based on the experiences of the trademark attorneys and the CHINA TRADEMARK EXAMINATION RULES In effect, a search of Chilean trademarks should be carried out by every interested party independently, through an industrial property agent or by hiring specialized services. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that INAPI's database is public and is available at our website, www.inapi.cl for free. You can make searches by accessing the section trademark search, where you.

Tips & tricks for searching in databases . Easy, step-by-step instructions on how to use Chinese search interfaces without knowledge of Chinese. Click on the links below to download the respective search guides. Number search and document retrieval. CNIPA - Retrieving Chinese documents (PDF, 570 KB Searching trademarks and other signs. Global Brand Database. Our Global Brand Database provides easy access to over 28 million records from multiple international and national sources, including marks registered through WIPO's Madrid System. Use the database to search for trademarks, appellations of origin and official emblems. Nice Classification — Streamlining searches. The Nice. TMsearch is a service tool that provides trademark search, watch and management in China. Search database for trademark registration and application by name, owner, number and the nice classes can be completed in a few simple clicks, with immediate results Taiwan is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and if you have applied for a trademark in another WTO member state, you can claim priority in Taiwan. Taiwan generally follows the rules of other international treaties it is not an official signer of Before registering a trademark in Taiwan you need to perform a Taiwan trademark search. If you are setting up a new company name or getting ready to release a new product in Taiwan, searching the trademark database should be part of your trademark application process

An attorney will file your trademark application in Taiwan and will carry out all necessary tasks before the Trademark Office in order to obtain registration approval. As soon as your trademark is filed, we will send you a filing report that will include the application number and date, plus a scanned copy of the filed trademark application Free trademark search tool in China. If your trademark is available, our Chinese attorneys will file and process your trademark registration in China

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Trademark Search (by applicant, case number) Boolean. Non-Traditional TradeMarks . Documents × HELP. Hello 你好! Close × Tittle. Content 關閉 × Go to page ;Per Page rows ;Total rows. First; PREV; NEXT; Last; Go to page ;Per Page rows ;Total rows. First; PREV; NEXT; Last; Close. BOOLEAN Step1: Please select the following Data Pool (single or multiple choice) Data Pool. Applied. Welcome to Online Search System Public Online Search Search for Trade Marks, Patents or Designs. Search for Trade Marks. Search for Patents. Search for Designs. Maintenance. Daily maintenance time: 00:00 - 03:00. Intellectual Property Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. TradeMark Search Results : Enter the search for trademark : Trademark search; Trademark register; Trademark design; Patent search ; Patent register : Only contract and cooperation customers can get the newest and most comprehensive information. For contract and cooperation, please feel free to contact: beijing@chinatrademarkoffice.com Disclaimer: This is a name-screening tool and there is no. EUIPO is the European Union Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design. We also work with the IP offices of the EU Member States and international partners to offer a similar registration experience for trade marks and designs across Europe and the world (JCN 2000012090003) Address:3-4-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-8915, Japan Note: In this site, JCN, abbreviation of Japan Corporate Number, means numbers to identify a specific individual in the administrative procedur

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Trademarks; Fees; Legal Information; Cooperation. Seminars; Useful Information from Main Patent Offices; WIPO Academy Internship Program ; WIPO Depository Library; WIPO Mediation for IP and Technology Disputes; Contact. Public Inquiries; משרד המשפטים Ministry Of Justice Units Israel Patent Office. Israel Patent Office Contact Us: Mailing List: Follow us; To Our Hebrew Website. Trademarks. According to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks as amended (Arabic), a trademark is any distinguished form of names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, logos, titles, hallmarks, seals, pictures, patterns, announcements, packs or any other marks or group of marks, if they were used or intended to be used either to distinguish goods, products or services from. Trademark; For detailed searches, please visit KIPRIS Web site. IP Examination. International Affairs. Bilateral & Mutilateral Cooperations; Patent Prosecution Highway; IP Training & Education. International IP Courses; IP e-Learning; IP & Development. WIPO Korea Funds-in-Trust ; Appropriate Technology / AT Competition; One Village One Brand; IP Office Automation. Korean Patent System. Korean. Trademarks are letters, digits, words, images, symbols or a combination thereof, which are used by manufacturers or service providers in order to identify their goods and services to the consumers

Ufficio Brevetti: online utilities, tools and useful links about trademark registration, copyright protection, patents in Italy and Europe. Skip to content. Search. Toggle Search +39 055 0981652 [email protected] Mon - Fri, 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM. Ufficio Brevetti EN. Primary Menu. Patents. Patents. Patents; Filing a patent; Italian Patent ; European Patent; International Patent; Foreign Patent. Free trademark search tool in Vietnam. If your trademark is available, our Vietnamese attorneys will file and process your trademark registration in Vietnam If you are looking for rights and applications for patents, trademarks and designs in Norway, search our database. Showing 50 of 71 hits on Design Act. Designs Act. Design s Act This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian Design s Act. Should there be any differences between this translation and the authentic Norwegian text, the decision will be made on the basis of the authentic. 2017. 03 Providing Opposition information in trademark 2017. 02 Providing Today's interest design & Trademark information; 2016 2016. 09 Providing Trademark Registration Publication Service infomation; 2015 2015. 12 Introduction of next-generation search engine 2015. 08 Simplification of KIPRIS Members Personal Information Collectio

Trademark search report in Taiwan. Based on your product/service description, our attorneys will search your trademark and present you an analysis of your trademark registration possibilities in Taiwan กรมทรัพย์สินทางปัญญา ,ipthailand,กระทรวงพาณิชย์,MO Free trademark search tool in Peru. If your trademark is available, our Peruvian attorneys will file and process your trademark registration in Peru According to the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China promulgated in 1982, and amended twice in 1993 and 2001, Trademark Office is responsible for the trademark registration and administration throughout the country, local AdministrationS for Industry and Commerce (AICs) is responsible for supervising the use of trademarks and dealing with infringements of the exclusive right to.

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Welcome to China Patent & Trademark Office web site, the online Chinese patent & trademark resource. Top online China Patent and China Trademark searching are available on this web site. The instant results save your time and screen out any unavailable patent or trademarks before further investing Origin Taiwan, ROC Nutrition Facts Calories: 2% 29.8. USD 19.90-26.90. Best Offers. C4-024 Ceramic Thermostat N.C. 200 degC For Heating Appliances. C4 Series Auto Reset Ceramic Thermostat Applications: Espressor machines, Vending machines, Toaster, Photo copier, Roomheater, UPS, Microwave, and O.. USD 3.00-10.00 USD 1.50-5.00 -50%. 1C4 Thermoplastic Auto Reset Thermostat N.C. 139C for.

For foreigners, it is recommended to perform patent prosecution in Taiwan through a registered Taiwanese patent attorney. Note; Online Search Database for Taiwanese Patents. Brief summary is based on the information provided by TJIP International Patent Trademark Firm on 20.05.202 Search trademarks, designs and patents in Norway. Check if your idea is new. Exclusive rights. Name and logo. Get exclusive rights to a trademark for your goods and services. Designs. Get exclusive rights to the appearance and form of the product you have designed. Inventions. Get exclusive rights to your invention. A patent is a practical solution to a technical problem. We can help you. 80. Website content Website content eSearch plus Trade marks, designs, owners,representatives and bulletins eSearch case law Office Decisions, GC/CJ Judgments and IPR National Courts TMview Trade marks in the European Union TMClass Classification for trade marks DesignView Designs in the European Unio Quick Links. Search (Patents, Designs, Trademarks, etc.) J-PlatPat (External Link) How to Search. FAQ for Searching; Search options for Trademarks. Trademark Search Search Trademark; Applying for Trademark; Trademark Form & Fees; Trademark Basic; Application Process & Flowchart; Trademark Act 2019; Close. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. Industrial Design An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. The design may consist of three-dimensional features such as the shape and configuration of an article, or two-dimensional features, such as.

SIPO Kotnikova 6 SI-1000 Ljubljana T: +386 1 620 31 00 F: +386 1 620 31 11 (IP Rights) F: +386 1 620 31 10 (Head Office) E: sipo(at)uil-sipo.s Trademark search and examination. We usually conduct a free-of-charge search before filing. The purpose is to find if the same or similar trade mark has already been registered or been applied for by another trader in respect of the same or similar class of goods and services. If such free search reveals any similar mark that cannot be obviously ruled out, the client has a choice of.

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Simple, step-by-step search guides demonstrate how to make the most of the wealth of data available in TIPO's original databases. Number search and document retrieval . Retrieving full documents from the Taiwan Patent Office's website (PDF, 643 KB) Monitoring Taiwanese publications by IPC classes (PDF, 576 KB) English machine translation. Retrieving English machine translations from the Taiwan. Taiwan Patent Search System; Trademark Search; Taiwan Government Award, Grant and Loan; Previous Next. Statistics of Economic. Laws & Regulations . FAQs. Industrial Production Index in July 2020. 2020-08-24 16:00 Continue Reading. Sales of Wholesale, Retail and Food Services in July 2020. 2020-08-24 16:00 Continue Reading. Top photolithography equipment maker ASML opens EUV technology training. You may want to read the Trademarks Database tutorial to understand how to do an advanced search in the database. Criteria 1 If you do not know what the search criteria is in the alternative official language, you can search for and include the terms that you need by selecting 'English to French' or 'French to English' and clicking the 'Search' button. You will receive an invitation to. Search services of databases; Search services of patent databases; Search services of trademark databases; Search services of industrial design databases; Library; Education; e-services. e-Filing; Classifications; The Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette; Guidelines for search and examination; On line database search; Education. About Academy. TrademarkElite is the Largest U.S. Trademark Search Engine. Profiled on NYTimes, IEEE. Experienced Trademark attorneys work and manage your trademark registration

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Every trademark decision should be supported by a thorough trademark search. The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office provides a great search interface in both English and Chinese. You can search in yourself or you can hire us to do it for you. How to do a Taiwan Trademark Search. You can search for words, sounds, 3D shapes, colors, holograms, and motions. Searching for exact matches of a word. Trademark search Taiwan With this order form we deliver an availability search for similar pending or registered trademarks. The report contains a statement from a lawyer specialised in trademark law regarding the registrability of a trademark and the risk of collision with trademarks already registered Trademark Search in Taiwan - tm-india offers trademark search services in Taiwan. It offers trademark logo, trade mark name search, trademarks registration, company registration, trademark attorney in Taiwan. For more information please call +919968445195

At BKIP our Taiwan office offers overseas trademark search and worldwide registration services that provide your business with international and worldwide trademark protection it needs. Visit our website to find more of our worldwide offices The recent news in Taiwan is the famous bakery NAN MAM TANG 's owner filing the charge against his nephew regarding the trademark infringement that using the same mark NAN MAM TANG and selling the same/ similar goods. Throughout this news, we could learn the importance of establish the owner of the mark to avoid the said matters. According to the news, the owner is indeed has the. 10F-5, No. 200, Sec. 4, Wenxin Rd., Taichung City 40462,Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:+886-4-2291-0099 FAX:+886-4-2295-7419 Email:tptoservice@gmail.com WeChat:0963859373 LINE:0422910099 QQ Patent: 2354541697 QQ Trademark: 233862384

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  1. 專攻國際專利、國際商標、智慧財產等項目;Taiwan patent attorneys、Taiwan IP、Taiwan trademark、Taiwan patent、台灣商標、台灣特許、台灣意匠、台灣知財、國際專利、國際商
  2. taiwan-shaver ट्रेडमार्क विवरण, ट्रेडमार्क एप्लिकेशन नंबर, 2008-04-30 को दायर किया गया, पंजीकृत स्टेज पर है और tm अनूप सिंघल को पंजीकृत किया गया है। taiwan-shaver ब्रांड के बारे.
  3. ation: Prior- application- search is conducted : Time frame for exa
  4. Trademark means any sign capable of being represented graphically which is capable of distinguishing goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings. Sign - any letter, word, name, signature, numeral, device, brand, heading, label, ticket, shape of goods or their packaging, color, sound, scent, hologram, positioning, sequence of motion or any combination thereof
  5. Taiwan Patent | Taiwan Trademark Email: yes@tppo.com.tw. TEL: +886-2-2311-3322 FAX: +886-2-2331-4922 (Taipei City) TEL: +886-2-2286-6949 FAX: +886-2-2686-6874 (New Taipei City) TEL: +886-3-347-7890 FAX: +886-3-337-2233 (Tao-Yuan City
  6. The Chamber of Intellectual Property of the Appeal Tribunal of INDECOPI - the National Institute of Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection - has made its Resolutions available on its website at www.indecopi.gob.pe.Interested persons may now view the text of decisions issued by the Appeal Tribunal

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  1. State Trademarks at FindLaw Find information on trademarks specific to all 50 states and D.C. United Kingdom Trademark Database The trademark information can be searched by the trademark number, marks matching/starting with specified text, proprietor, refused applications and by correct class of goods/services you need to specify when applying for a trade mark.
  2. BKIP has been carrying out UK trademark search and worldwide trademark registration services since its inception in 1996. As we have many offices and employees all around the world, we are able to register an overseas trademark as well as a UK trademark. We are committed to providing top quality legal services that don't break your bank. We don.
  3. Morning : 08h30 ~ 12h30 Afternoon : 14h00 ~ 16h30 Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) 3 Rühr Street, Northern Industrial Area P.O.Box 185 Windhoek, Namibia Tel: +264 61 299 4400 Fax: +264 61 401 061 Email: info@bipa.n

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Fees associated with filing trademark applications in Saudi Arabia as well as other trademark fees are available in the fee calculator. Multiple-class applications; According to the GCC Trademarks Law, it is possible to file multiple-class trademark applications, however, in practice the Saudi Trademark Office doesn't accept such filings A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. A trademark may be located on a package, a label, a voucher. Before applying for a trade mark it's wise to conduct a detailed search to make sure there are no similar trade marks already pending or registered. It's a good idea to search as widely as possible. Searching is not as simple as it sounds. It requires skill and persistence as merely searching for an identical mark is not sufficient Searching for images using the Vienna Classification system. If you are searching for an image you can use the Vienna Classification field. The Vienna Classification system is a numbering system developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to describe images or stylised features that make up trade marks.

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A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your products or services from those of your competitors. Essential is that the trademark has distinguishing characteristics.Examples of a trademark are word marks or device marks, such as the name Shell or its logo. Also packaging, such as the Coca-Cola bottle can be protected TIPLO - Taiwan International Patent & Law Office was founded in 1965 by M. S. Lin and a group of professional legal and technical associates specializing in intellectual property rights. Over five decades of evolution characterizes TIPLO as one of the largest and most reliable intellectual property law firms in Taiwan with diversified expertise to encompass IP as well as general legal services. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for If you're stuck scratching your head at how you do this, you can check Taiwan trademark search guide. But before you decide to check through the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office database, here are five things you should consider when coming up with a trademark name for a new business in Taiwan. Avoid Generic Words . There certainly are generic sounding words that have been trademarked. More product details about datacenter server,datacenter management,datacenter design,data center rack,data center rack design,data center racks from Taiwan datacenter server,datacenter management,datacenter design,data center rack,data center rack design,data center racks suppliers-EA-HWA ENTERPRISE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

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The BIPA Trademarks Office maintains a Register of Trademarks containing full application information on all registrations and renewals; which facilitates examination, search and potential opposition by third parties. Trademark protection is territorial, therefore one is only protected in the jurisdiction where protection was applied for Opening up of patent and trademark agency services in the Mainland. International Agreements to which Hong Kong, China is a party. Intellectual Property Database for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; Guangdong / Hong Kong IP Cooperation Corner. Introduction. Meetings of Guangdong/Hong Kong Expert Group on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Upcoming Events. Cooperation Items. You will need to register as a CIPC customer in order to into the IPOnline system. Users who using CIPC customer accounts can create beneficiary accounts that will use funds from their customer account for IP transactions Note: The search only finds exact matches in the South African trademarks register (whether alive or lapsed) and cannot guarantee that a conflicting trademark does not exist. Also, trademarks filed within the previous month or so may not be included in the records searched. It is even possible that an unregistered mark that's been in use for the past 20 years may have acquired sufficient. Trademarks and the process by which they are registered are contained in several statutes, most notably the Penal Code of 1860, which gives the definition of a trademark; the Private Industrial Enterprise Law, which provides that no business is allowed to distribute or sell its goods without trademark; and, most importantly, the Registration Act which governs the procedure and.

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Searching for Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks. 5-1. Should I search for prior art before applying for a Patent? 5-2. Is there any database that I can use to search for patents, utility models, designs, or trademarks? 5-3. Is it possible to know if my invention can be patented, before I file? 5-4. Does the Japan Patent Office provide English translations of Japanese patents or. Search existing trade marks. How to check if a trade mark or logo like yours is already on the New Zealand Register. Search and preliminary advice. We suggest using this service before applying to register your trade mark. Apply for a trade mark. Step by step guide that will help make the application process easy to follow and understand. Fees. Some trade mark services relating to application.

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Trademark Announ. Bull. No. Regist. Publ. Bull. No. TPI Client N Lindungi Kekayaan Intelektual, DJKI Kerja Sama Dengan Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual (DJKI) Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia (Kemenkumham) melakukan penandatanganan perjanjian kerja sama (PKS) dengan Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa.... The Swedish Patent and Registration Office is the centre for intellectual property rights. We strive to promote innovation and growth in Sweden 10F-5, No. 200, Sec. 4, Wenxin Rd., Taichung City 40462,Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:+886-4-2291-0099 FAX:+886-4-2295-7419 Email:service@taiwanpatent.com WeChat:0963859373 LINE:0422910099 QQ Patent: 2354541697 QQ Trademark: 233862384 China trademark subclasses. It's complicated. Our China trademark lawyers are often asked about the difference between the Nice Classification system for trademarks and China's trademark subclass system. They are related, but quite different Chinese Taipei (TW) Applications for patents, utility models, designs and trade marks filed by non-residents at the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) increased by about 8% in 2011, which shows a growing interest of foreign applicants in this region. There are a number of features that distinguish Taiwanese patent law and the patent system from those operating in China, Japan, Korea or India.

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